Why us?

Why us?


Durable, Satin-smooth, Stain-resistant

This means they are much easier to maintain and use substantially fewer chemicals than other types of pools. Your fiberglass pool will never need to be acid washed or resurfaced. Saving you significant money both long term and short term. The maintenance is easy to keep up with, and will also save you time.

NXT GEN Fiberglass Pools can help you transform and design your backyard into a beautiful oasis.


High-quality Equipment

We use pentair for all our equipment needs, from heaters, plumbing, and automation controls.

The care that is put into the plumbing is something that was learned through experience. NXT GEN uses thicker piping, and welds the pipes to help create bends, and to ensure that the fittings stay attached.

Ask about a possibility of a rebate, after your pool installation!


Premium Add-On Features

We use unique, high-quality mediums and materials, which lead to high performance, high design and high enjoyment. NXT GEN’s extensive experience in design range from theatrical set design, fine art painting, sculpture aquatic design and construction. All these unique skills culminate in giving you a one of a kind custom designed swimming pool and backyard environment that is well thought out, utilitarian, and ultimately “cool.”